Sandy Lou Hinkle from under a High school desk in Chicargo writes Dear Hugh: Ever since I been in this here school…WE’VE BEEN STUDYING HISTORY!!! World History, Illinois History, History of Western Civilization, American History…and theres a new class called “Is there any FUTURE in studying history? Then my counselor tells me not to dwell on the passed. To move on with my life. What is the deal hear?

From Hughy


Well well well…………..Sandy………………Here’s the deal…….There is an enormous amount of history now. Way way mower than there used to be.


Actually, perhaps there is more history now than there has ever been. In fact what I just said is now part of history. So there you go.


There is a grate deal to be learned from history.  Un fortunately,  most folks don’t learn it. But there’s no future  in discussing what their situation is.


The reason the counselor tells you not to dwell on the passed is very simple…..He don’t know enuff ’bout it to discuss it intelligently.

Get busy studying…………history factoids are piling up faster than you are gonna beabletokeepupwith.



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