Fred Grumphe’ from Rillee France writes dear Hugh: I have gotten into the sport of SPEED WALKING. I’m just taking it one step at a time. But what I’m wonderin is this…What is the greatest record speed for a speed walker?


From Hugh


Well………………………This question is so nebulous , that it is difficult for me to say with any degree of certitude. Are you speaking of the recommended speed for phonograph records to play most effectively while speed walkers are listening to them?


Or, in stark contrast, are you asking what is the fastest Miles Per Hour  that a person involved in Speed Walking can reach while “justagettinit” down the road.,,,,,??????????


You people are gonna have to get your actto gether out there…OR I MAY NOT BEE ABLE TWO HEP YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How much of this vague vacillation can I take……???????????



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