Dresden Giorigio from Slouch Tennessee writes dear Edna: I am writing on behalf of all of the Billions of fans of H.A.S. with HUGH at the helm. Not You. The very idea of Edna’s Answering Service Upsets us. While it is true that Hugh has know idea what he is talking about on nearly every subject, he is still a goofball and contributes to confusion in our lives like no one else I’ve ever known. Actually, the more I think about it,…Why don’t you stick with it a while Edna, and see if you can help us ?


From Edna


Dont worry………Ole Hughy is not coming back any time soon…………….Good to see you coming to your sinces.


Now down to business………….This question came pouring in today and I must deal with it….


Dear EDNA…..What is a “Redaction”?


from Edna…A “redaction” is a swelling of the subliminal layer of the epidermis …..often resembling acne or major bruising. Redactions are most successssfully treated by using a black permanent marker to scribble over the sore place…so that no one will know what is there.


Yo urewel come


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