Little Izzy Krugman from his science class in Ellerwood Idaho writes dear Hugh…Can fish Sneeze? My science teacher says they don’t ,…I say THEY do….Mumpy Squashmore says he’s scene it happen. We new you could settle the isshugh once and FOR ALL ..

From Hugh


I most certainly can. While Others shrink away from topics such as this.,….I , in stark contrast, come runnin to set the record (or CD) straight.


The US  Government has spent millions researching the “fish sneezing topic”….and their research is available at wewillwasteyourmoneydotcom


However, their research is essentially useless, because it is erroneous. And IT IS RONG to BOOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..


They concluded in August of 2007 that fish DO NOT SNEEZE. Due do the simple fact that their aint much AIR or DUST where fish spend most of their time. This fails to inculcate and ameliorate the obvious fact that  Mumpy and his cousin have seen it….And they claim that it causes waves in the pond out behind their house.


My grandpa also says he saw a catfish sneeze back in the summer of 1967. So there.

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