Quinvyy Ardenne from a forest in Germany writes Dear Hugh: Do you walk for your health?

From Hugh


No I do not………………I WALK FOR OTHER PEOPLES’ HEALTH……and charge em $4 dollars a mile……Right now I’ve got 63 people on the list. I can walk for all of em at once….So I’m making a good profit.


Do you want to get some exercise? If so….Simply sign up and send in your intial form that has your initials on it….AND contains a payment of $264.93 for the first month.


I guarantee that you will lose weight. (If not from the walking, then from worrying about giving me the $265.93)…..Results have been amazing so far. People are thrilled. I am getting rich. AND demonstrating that one person can in fact exercise for another one. This principle has long been challenged by those who challenge stuff cause they don’t know much about it.


Which reminds me yet again why I run this megolithic answering service. A source of information that you can on depend. (I didnt want to end with a preposition.


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