Willerd Schmedley from a Used Carpet Dealership in Peoria writes….Dear Hugh: Does the town from whence you are from have a leech law for dawgs?

From Hugh


We didn’t until Big Ed Shackelton made a huge deal about it three years ago. He brought the suject up …and JUST WOULDN’T LET IT GO.


Sooooooooooooooo NOW WE HAVE A LEECH LAW……….(as if we knead any mower laws around hear)…..


What the law says is the following….”Pursuant to the stuff that came before now,  and with adjudicatory perponderence, WE THE PEOPLE of said township and village do hearbuy declare that any dawg that has leeches hangin off of it MUST BE KEPT INDOORS, In a FENCE …Or held hostage buy Big Bertha’s Canasta Club…..UNTIL SUCH said time and placement as the varmint can be cleansed and plucked of all hangers on.”


Punishment is simple……Vilotate the law AND YOU have to make a list of the top one hundred HONEST Politicians of all time. Untill you get it done….You have to sit quietly with a silly look on your face..



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