Sulligent Witherly from Op Alabama writes Dear Hugh: I have a burning desire to hunt California Condors in my area…..Will this present any legal problems?

From Hughy


People all over the East Coast are doing it Sully ole Buddy…..No problem. None whatsoever…….Take a rifle or a 12 gauge….Anything is fine……….


These birds are one of the most protected and revered and loved fowls on earth……There are hardly any uvem left. And the ones that are left in the wild are all on the west coast.


Thusly, HUNT ALL YOU WANT ON THE EAST COAST…..because there is NO Chance whatsoever that you will find one. WHICH MEANS you ain’t gonna hurt nuthin by doin it…..and…..IT”S GOOD EXERCISE climbing all over the cliffs and mountain ranges ……


The only thing you may need the rifle or 12 gauge for is to protect yourself from some FOWL Individual whom seeks to mug you on your expeditions.


On the outside chance that you see a California Condor on the coast of Georgia, Don’t shoot it…..Due to the simple fact that this whole post is a joke and YOU WILL BE IN BIG TROUBLE.

You’re Welcome


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