Wadsworth Pennington III from Dubai writes….I have an English Sheepdog that chews up his beds faster than I can buy em……What is your recommendation for solving this problem….?

From Hugh


Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll……………This is definitely a problem. I had a teenage son who chewed up twelve mattresses while he lived here at the house…..So I am sympathetic to your dilemma…..


What I eventually did was get a mattress made out of KEVLAR and Titamium with the filler being made of finely chipped concrete. Besides being more difficult to chew….It was also bullet proof and could be used as a ramp for loading riding mowers in a pickup.


I suppose that the cost of $7652 (Plus Tacks)….would seem prohibitive to some…..But, over the long haul… It may not save you any money. (Yes, that’s what I meant to say…..It may NOT save you any money)


Your only other alternative is to hollow out a bowling ball and cram it over the dogs head when you arent there to watch him or her.

This technique is frowned upon by the ASPCA the YRHSG and the Four neighbor ladies whom nosily keep up with everything that goes on in your neck of the woods.


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