Randy Heathclubb from Grinders Swatch Ohio writes dear Hugh: Words are not mere enough to tell you how much I value every syllabic utterance from your computer keyboared. I hang on every word you say….I had heard that you will be the keynote speaker at the annual Turnip Green Beetle Eradication Rally scheduled in Vegas for April the 31st of this year. Is this accurate ? and where can I buy plane tickets the cheapest?l

From Hugh…


YES……….! I am indeed filling that position…!!!!! It was either me or Ethel Shump and it turns out that she got the gig speaking to the Mouse Trap Retail Association in Peoria that VERY DAY…..


I appreciate your accolades and your clear demonstration of good sound thinking skills….In trusting me with giving you advice on so many unimportant things.


I certainly hope you can come hear my speech. My topic this year will be “Why I am Convinced that the Turnip Green Beetle Holds the Key to World Climate Change.”  I also have a companion book for sale…Called “What Bugs Me about Insects”


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