Elmo Shirzinger from Mumpus Flats South Carolina writes today……dear Hughy: What is wrong with you?……..and I’d like to follow up if I may….IN FACT I”M GONNA DO IT NOW……Did man really go to the moon….?

From hugh




How much time have you got……..? ………One thing is ..I have a splinter in in my tongue from eating old barn timbers for extra fiber.


Now for your second question:::::


Go to the MOON? Are YOU KIDDING ME?…………..The moon is spinning. The Earth is spinning….the moon is circling around the Earth…..and the Earth is circling around the sun WHILE the moon is spinning and circling…..


Meanwhile the whole shabang is flying through the Milky Way at high speed. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? There is no weigh NASA fired a rocket at something spinnin around like all that……….AND ACTUALLY HIT THE TARGET.


That would be like trying to shoot a squirrel running around a basketball while spinning around standing on the edge of a merry go round. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?


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