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Gerald Fishner from Tellitlikeitis Ukraine writes dearest Hughman………How do you feel about PODIATRY? .


From Hugh


Well …………….I normally don’t get involved in Supporting Political type politics and Parties hear at the Service………But Podiatry is a serious issue in our country today. So I suppose i will address it..

Podiatry as a political movement was initially dismissed as a innocuous and somewhat legubrious fad. BUT, in time became quite attractive to many young and zealous (though largely ignorant) young people……… Their main objective has been, utilizing judicial activism, to redefine the length of a foot.


Clearly, this would change the length of  INCHES and groups of THREE FEET. We would all have to sell our units of measurement. I suppose it could be said that we would have to have a YARD SALE. (Because they would no longer be accurate.)


Obviously, this situation is one in which, if you GIVE EM AN INCH….They’ll take a mile..or a foot or whatever…..And the movement MUST BE STOPPED. I am opposed to PODIATRY…..This is where I take my stand. I hope I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes……

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