Swiffer Wipely from an island deep in the heart of Africas Amazon basin….writes dear Hugh: I am isolated..(and alone)…I am on an uninhibited island…I’m delirious. So I thought I’d write to you. I have no means of communication. No Power. No Cable. No Internet. How did I get this message to you? and… What is my question?

From Hugh


I’ll tell you how. You put a bottle in a message and cast it out upon the waters in the disparate hope that somehow. somewhere, sometime, and in some place someone would find some part of your message and get it to me.


Fortunately for you,,,….the island you are on is in the middle of the jet stream and the bottle took a straight shot to the lake near my house.


Now…..Your question is this……..What is the definition…. of an Atoll…???????.


Atoll is what you pay to cross a bridge. It’s that simple.


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