Ursula Sherwood from Sherwood Forest (of all places)………….writes dear Hugh: So often camouflage incorporates various earth tones, leaf shapes, sand colors and dirt hues……..Since that works to hide stuff….Why is the earth EVEN VISIBILE AT ALL in pictures “supposedly” taken from outer space ?


From Hughy


This is such an insightful question….One that is indeed laced with brilliance and intuitivosity. Thanks so much for sending it in.


If I weren’t such a DOWN TO EARTH GUY…..I would no even mower than I do about outer space.


Basically the earth is not camouflaged well in space pictures because there is a stark contrast between the terrestrial orb on which we live and the vast blackness and voidular emptiosity of  the spaces where there ain’t nothin.


There is a formhughla from which to calchughlate the effectivnarianism of camouflaging techniques……The formula basically goes like this……….Object Still Noticeable=Ain’t Workin.


Your welcome.


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