Effy Lou Sheldon from New York City writes dear Hugh….Who grows SESAME SEEDS?….and WHY?


From Hugh


Howdy Effster…………..Thank you so much for this important question. So many people don’t care about the origin of Sesame Seeds. The apathy regarding this subject is so thick you can’t cut it with a knife.


Therefore the time has come for me to illucidate the whole twisted and tangled labyrinth of intrigue that is , in fact, the Sesame Seed Syndicate……


The reason the Sesame Seed Consortium Syndicate is not widely known is this,,,,,……Nobody wants to admit they have spent their life growing tiny seeds that don’t have any taste or amount to squat on the average hamburger. Frequently , Sesame Seed Farmers can bee seen with old feed sacks over their heads….(even when seated in Nice restaurants). If you see a grown man with a sack or other container over his head in a public place, there is a HUGE CHANCE that he is a Sesame seed farmer………..


There are support groups available for these fellers. …..but everybody there has a sack over their head…..And their hamburgers have EXTRA SEEDS on em.



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