Cal Setherton from Washington’s CD store in New York writes dear Hughy: We are deeply embroiled in a poitical season. Acchughsations are flying everywhere. Promises are made. Individuals are scrutinized. Then there is voting. What do you think about that…?


Howdy Cal…………….

Im not gonna think about it Cal. Lots of other folks are thinking about it and will do whatever they do…..I, in stark contrast must deal with the pressing issues of the common man.


Standing as a bulwark ….fighting the onslaught of perplexation and uncertainty. Wresting from the jaws of ignorance, the answers to many unasked questions that there is so much apathy about. (Yes…I ended with a prepostion…..SO THERE.)


I do knot want to contemplate the political scene because I’m still mad that I wasnt allowed to run for President because I play a banjo. I had no idea that the Constitution specifically precludes and prohibits banjo players….Otherwise I never would have gotten involved in such “goings on”.

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