Gerald Smith from Saskcatchyouone Canada wrotes: Dear Hugh…….I want to put up a kiddie playground made out of those boards that have chemicals injected in em to preclude bacteriums and termites. I want to do it in my own back yard….but I need exact coordinates for where to place it. I don’t have a GPS. But I know you and your fine staff can tell me…..Exactly “Where is my back yard located?”


From Hugh


Well……………Gerald. In your partichughlar case….It is located in front of your house.


This, my dear friend, is WHY YOUR NEIGHBORS have been all disoriented since you’ve been living there. MOST PEOPLES BACK YARD IS BEHIND their house…..


This is indeed a bizarre geographic phlenomenon. The only other reported case of this anomaly was in 1929 on Estelle Gumps property in Rin Tin Tin New Mexico. Some  people were so confused by it that they simply moved away. Others stood in line munching on chips and pork rinds just to get to see it.


How it is possible, given the limitations of the TIME-Space CONTINUUM, is best assessed in the complete works of Fred.( Zondervan 2011 copyright FRED.) It can be obtained from Fred’s website. But I don’t have the link……..or the book. Because I don’t need it. I already have quite a thorough understanding of strange stuff.

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