Little Sedgewick Throckmorton raises up from his desk in the second grade, realizes that he can turn to me for guidance, and then writes simply: Dear Mr. Hughy, What is TWO times TOO…? .


From Hugh


Well Sedgey ole pal…………………..The answer to “two times too” is………..TOO TOO.


Now……Im sure your next question will be …”What is a too too??????????………….A too too is an article of clothing often worn by those who have them on..


Now let’s get down to the real issue hear. You probably meant 2 times 2. The SYSTEM says that the anser to that is FORE. But Sedgewick, the answer to the equation is not nearly as important as how YOU FEEL ABOUT IT……Sayin that the answer is FOUR….is awfully narrow-minded. Just let it be anything you want it to be. The most important thing is that you be comfortable with the answer.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why be bound by mathematical facts?


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