A two year old little grumpy gripey snivveler from Chicargo writes: Non dear Mr.Hugh…I sat around at my laptop in a dirty diaper for waaaaay longer than usual yesterday, expecting your post to show up. It never came. Every day I look for your post, not because I ever learn anything….but because my mommy makes me practice reading and your posts are kinda on my level. What on earth happened that caused you to fail me in this weigh? Were you abducted by aliens? or were you on another clandestine mission to the Antarctic…?…or making your second climb up the sheer rock face of a mountain in Katmandu? .


Howdy you little munckin………..I was reeling from injuries sustained when I dove out in front of a speeding locomotive to save a baby possum.


I had to have my hibiscus removed due to peripheral damage to the anibular spincly addendum.


You think its no big deal don’t you????????????????? Marsupials deserve our protection. Learn to get with the program. You aught to be thanking me instead of whining.


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