Kinsington Perlegad Throckmorton III from Beckleshine England writes Dear Hugh……….Where does a Seven Hundred Pound GORILLA sleep? .

From Hugh


Howdy Kensington…………For many years there were assertions made (by people whom were trying to be funny)…regarding the potential sleeping locations for large apes.


It was repeatedly stated that these varmits could and would sleep ANYWHERE THEY WANTED TOO. I never thought it was funny. Because I instinctively knew that it wasn’t factual..


The simple fact is that most , if not all REPUTABLE lodging establishments specifically preclude APES lounging around and sleeping on their premises. Often the Common Gorilla or Orangutan  is seen being escorted from a Marriott or Hyatt Regency. They won’t allow it. It’s that simple.


The fact is …..that a seven hundred pound Gorrilla has to seek permission form the FDA and the CDP and PETA to get any rest in most areas of this country.


I’m glad to finally set this issue to rest.


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