The National Oceananic and Atmospheric Bunch writes in dear Hugh: When is Leap year….What is leap year? What does it mean? Why is it necessary? When did it Start? When will it end? Whom originated it? Will the day still be 24 hours? What if they miscalchughlated and we are really on the wrong day and its not even October anymore? What are the implicationarisms of all this stuff?..and when are you going to call your Aunt Bertha that you have been putting off checkin on for twelve years?


From Hugh


Well Ocea…………I don’t know where to start. ……………..Oh yes I do. I’ll start by banning the whole federal government beauricracy from H.A.S. for twelve years.


Now ………Leap year was started by a guy named Fred in Scottsdale Tennessee back in 1637. There is no reason for it..He just wanted to stir up a stink and get calendars reworked. Actually because of this absurd “Leap Year Caper”…it is really January the 4th but nobody knows it ‘cept me and two crossed-eyed mimes from Billings Montana………………and they won’t tell nobobdy ’bout it. It’s all up to me.


Now look……Aunt Bertha can wait…….She is still on that cross country pogo stick trip to Zambeeezia. Shes bounced half way around the world on that silly thing.


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