Little one year old Winly Sledmire from Squish Oregon writes Dear Hugh: I’m so tired of diapers. Containing various substances so close to my self for (sometimes) relatively extended periods of time is becoming an issue with me. What do you suggest?


From Hugh.


Well Winly, as I have mentioned before , I personally gave up the diaper concept at two weeks old. Recognizing its inherent pitfalls, I simply made other arrangements. I took an online course on SUPER EARLY POTTY TRAINING.


Learning to use a credit card to order the course before I was able to read was the hardest part of the deal…(because I could’t talk either, which presented problems with using the Master card help line)….It’s also very difficult to establish a credit line at that age…..But that’s beside the point because YOU ARE MUCH OLDER.


Now Get with it Winly. Just say NO to sitting in residue. Now look……………TAKE A STAND you little munchkin…!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ive potty trained DACHSHUNDS faster than you are catching on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT”S THE DEAL WITH YOU YOUNG WHIPPERSNAPPERS in today’s generation.????????????????????


I continue to receive this basic question from little crumbslingers from all over the world……MAYBE THIS WILL FINALLY SETTLE THE ISSUE…..ONCE AND FOR MOST. Im just glad I’m hear two hep.


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