Edwin PeaBody from the Forestry Office of the Interior Management Bureau of the subsidiate Division of the United States Department of the Woods writes dear Hugh….I beg to differ with your diatribe yesterday regarding trees falling in the forest. If a tree falls in the forest and there is know one their to hear it…..IT DOES NOT MAKE A SOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….But my question for you is “Why Can’t You Judge a Book By Buying Its Cover?”


From Hugh


Howdy Edwin…………YOU CAN JUDGE A BOOK By BUYING IT”S COVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only problem is, you may be wrong. But feel free to judge it…..as long as you don’t put much stock in being accurate.


We hear at the Service, try to set an extraordidinary example of accuracy on a consistent basis and all the time around here and everywhere the service goes and shares information with those of you who depend on us to raise your IQ and smartness level. Even grammatatical correctness aswell as cont ent are a consistent example of hour ongoing correctness.

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