Elmo Shirzinger from Margin Edge Tennessee writes dear Hugh…..I would like very much to get a Masters Dergree in Physics….I’m willing to pay for the coarses at the school….I got the money to do it. But they won’t let me inn cause I didnt go but to the 8th graid. Look mr. Hughy, Iffern I gots the dough,…whynthwurld won’t they let me come too there classes and get that there degrease ????????


From Hugh


 Howdy Elmo…………..I had a similar situation arise a couple of years ago…..There was a “want ad” for an opening at a hospital for a General Surgeon.

I applied for the job…..(I knew I wasn’t no General, I never even been in the army…but hoped it woodn’t matter)……They turned me down flat. What differnce does it make if I’m a general….long as I can take out a gall bladder….? …or a diseased hibiscus?……They also asked me if I had one of them degrease from a medicianlismic school…….Here again, Long as I can take stuff out and sew folks up good….What differnce does it make….?


So much unfareness out there.


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