Wanda Clayslinger from Rool Bend North Dakota writes Dear Hugh: I just want to know WHYYYYYYY I AM SUPPOSED TO TRY TO KEEP DIRT OUT OF MY HOUSE?


From Hugh


This is an excellent question. A subject that needs to be addressed write a weigh.


Here’s what we know. the earth is made of dirt. Its all over the place…Especially at (and near) the surface, which is where most of us live.

The vast majority of human beings whom have ever lived had floors that were partially, (if not entirely) dirt. The frantic domestic efforts to remove it from a dwelling is a relatively new concept.


The healthiest foods grow IN DIRT. BROCCOLI grows in DIRT……Cauliflower grows in Dirt….Carrots REALLY GROW IN DIRT. ..TATERS TOOO.

Many Kids eat dirt…….WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL?????????????????????????


Leave it alone…..In time, it may have broccoli growing in it.

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