Edsel Yepp from Tinsel Town Maryland writes Dear Hugh: As we all know….Certain frogs can fling their tongues WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY out to catch flies and other small varmits. What is the breed of frog that can stick it’s tongue out the furtherest?…and What is the world record distance for “remote bug snatching”?


From Hugh


I am quite sure that you are snickering under your breath …..as you postulate the possibility that I don’t know the answer to this.


But …you are dealing with the BIG DOGS here at the Service.  The species of frog that can stick its tongue out the furtherest is the Tri-Legged Sniveller TOAD. It is indigenous to the Gump Island Chain in Southern Russia.


This rascal can fling its tongue out over a mile and a half….and snatch a fly with astonishing accuracy. Occccassionally the frogs tongue will cross a highway  or train track…..and there have been some perty ugly accidents…………….involving all kinds of amphibian parts and dead flies and such.


Quite often, flies will just dissappear for no reason. This TOAD is a possible explanation.


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