Jacques Coostooo from a sea faring vessel south of Gerbil Swat Iceland writes Dear Hugh…I am deathly afraid of man-eating SHARKS. How can I lose my fear of a shark?


From Hugh


Well Coostoo…………..The only man eating shark you need to be afraid of is a LIVE one…..Thusly, we have clarified the situation and will now deal with it.


One way to lose your fear is is to get the shark to swallow a fire extinguisher and then shoot it from a boat whereupon the tank will explode (as in the movie JAWS.) The exploding tank will cause the shark to develop a sudden health issue which will generally lead to it’s imminent demise. Once the the tank blows up…you can perty well start to relax……


The main challenge here is getting the shark to swallow the fire extinguisher. This particular issue has been addressed in a number of important documents and even a book by a lady from Peoria Illinois….entitled “How to Get a Boneless Fish to Swallow a Fire Retardant Dispersion Device” (FRDD).

Theres more I could do to help….but I have to go swimming in the SPacific Ocean.


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