“Stinky” Smellman from Fort Knocks Kentucky writes in today to ask Dear Hugh….Why do whales have so much blubber? ??


From Hugh


Howdy Stinky……………….The first thing I want to do is mention that your name is absolutely absurd. You aught to be ashamed of your name.  But please don’t take that personally. It is not directed at you.


Now……………How should I know why whales are so large?  Swimming is supposed to be good for your body mass index. Swimming is supposed to promote  a slender physique. Regular swimming is supposed to overcome all kinds of health problems caused by lack of exercise . Yet, whales are REALLY large. What we have hear is a very very confusing situation with all kinds of twists and turns and questions that remain. I am actually going to have to call my Aunt Bertha in for a consultation on this one.


But she is in Peoria at a Spatula Convention.

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