Clyde Timpleton from Eggeltimshire Scotland writes Dear Hugh: I heard my nine month old grand daughter say her first word today. It was the word “enigmatic” . We know that she is very smart,…. but what does this mean? .


From Hugh


Look Clyde……If the kid is so smart, ….ASK her what “ENIGMATIC” Means…………!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are busy people hear at Hugh’s Answering Service and do not have time to be defining words for you grandparents out there. The kid shouldn’t be using words that she don’t know what it means anyhow.


I say quiz her about it…………. But , I will tell you this : The word “enigmatic” is hard to pin down. Hard to understand. Seems like it might be one thing…but really is another…

Mysterious.  Hidden. Strange. Confusing. Elusive………………..She should know this already.

Let me know in a comment if you know why this machine is included in this post……I’ll give a hint…..((((Germany, WWII))))) very interesting.!!!!!


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