Little Two year old Binky Smallwood writes in today……Dear Hugh…My mommy says I have to keep my surroundings clean and neat and pristine….I’d really like to..but I dont know where my surroundings are or what “pristine” means. Can you hep me? .


From Hugh


Howdy Binkster:………Yes. You are at the write place for guidance through the pitfalls and confusions of infancy. Infancy is something you will grow out of…………given time………….We are hear two hep.


Surroundings…..are usually located real close to where you are. This is not always the case. In 1827 there was a documented case of two ladies in Peoria Illinoise who left there surroundings completely…..for a period of 8 minutes they were not surrounded by anything…………….Many onlookers were totally confused by the situation. And , indeed, there are some questions remaining.


But normally, surroundings are right there where you’re at. …………Now, “Pristine” , means clean your room twice…..’cause there ain’t narry a way that you gonna get it pristine the first time.


Have a good day , and , for your parents sake, Stop playing with open cans of chocolate cake icing on the living room carpet. Just quit it Binkster.

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