Aaron D. Chumpe from Whtnthwrld Iceland writes Dear Hugh: Are you concerned about identity theft?….and I’d like to follow up if I may…In fact I’m goin to right now. What preparations have you made in the event of such an act of malfeasance? .


From Hugh


Yes , I am concerned about identity theft. I’m concerned for somebody that tries to become me..


Being me is definitely knot for everyone.

The last person who stole my identity ,….sent me a sack full of  “half off buy one get one free coupons” and a twenty dollar bill she’d been saving for a bowling night with her Aunt Bertha. She included a sympathy card and a ticket to a Dave Ramsey Rally.


She also was prescribed Prozac and encouraged to take long walks while humming old folk tunes…..by a veterenarian that does discount psychotherapy and windshield repair.


Anybody out there who wants my identity should probably reconsider……

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