Randy Mime writes in a very quiet way……Dear Hugh: Hi Mr. Hughy, I am eight years old and I watch QVC a lot. I ordered a product that is guaranteed to make me look ten years younger. It’s supposed to come on the HUGH P S truck tomorrow….BUT I’m afraid to use it Mr. Hughy. What do you think will happen….?

From Mr Hugh


Well Randy……….this is an interesting dilemma. Clearly the math here presents an issue with which we must deal with.  {yes..I ended on a preposition}


If you look ten years younger….and you are only Eight at the present time……………..Hmmmmmm. If you were nine years and three months old , we would simply assume that you would be extremely tiny…..EENCY WEENCY so to speak. But, since that isn’t the case, the only thing I know to do is go ahead and try the stuff.


I do want you to video tape the process. This is going to be very illuminatory. (or you will end up getting your money back……)


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