Ingrise’ Throckheimer from Iron City Texas writes Dear Hugh: How old is the Pleseaosaurus Greatlinicus Skeleton at the Chicago Metropolitarian Museum of Natural History? I was told it is 437 Billion, 365 million, 435 thousand, 241 years old. That’s hard for me to understand. Once you get past 100 billion or so…..I kinda lose track of time…….What do you think…?


from Hugh


Howdy………..I hate to admit this ….BUT I DON’T KNOW much about Archeological matters. Most of what I have studied is archeoILLOGICAL…….I spent four years studying the dead carcass of a duck-billed-double-cheeked wombat.


At the time , I suspected that I probably was going to regret the lost time on that project. As it turned out, all we really determined was that the thing was dead…… and had been dead since it was hit by an 18 wheeler carrying a load of sesame seeds in August of 1991.


My guess is that the folks studying over that dinosaur didn’t learn no whole lot neither……’ceptin the fact that it had been deceased a real long time. Which might be worth something….but I have yet to figger out what.


I am guessing , however, that the dinosaur was NOT hit by a truck. (and , if it was, the truck took an awful beating).


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