Phil Ignatious from Oak Bridge Tennessee……writes Dear Hugh : Is it true that Tuba’s were invented by Emma Ginderiss’s Thursday night bridge club in order to have a fancy-looking place to throw the scraps after an evening of “chowing down” around the card table? .


From Hugh


Now Phil…………….Please.  Tubas are dear to my heart. Always have been. My dear sweet mother used to play me obscure folks songs on an antique TUBA every night before I went to bed. From my earliest memories until I moved away from home at the age of 38….tuba folks songs (played with a lot of  emotion) were a part of my daily routine…..


I was raised near a TUBA factory. Played the TUBA in the key of eflat while sitting atop a flag pole to protest stuff back in the late 60’s……Please don’t mischaracterize the ignominious king of the brass woodwind world.


The Tuba was not invented by that bunch on Thursday night…………………..It was the Tuesday night canasta Club.


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