Little Mumpy Squishmire from Eeek Indiana writes: dear to Hughm it may concern: Yesterday you mentioned Alexander the Great. You have also spoken of Thucididees, Plato and some cat named So Crates. How do you maintain such a thoro knoweldge of history and still keep up with the presents…?

From Hugh


Well Mumpy………….The present is easy to keep up with just by breathing. The thing about the present is that , by the time you notice it,……its already past. So I admit it is tricky…………

Since I have lived through a good bit of history at this juncture….. there is a great deal more of it now than there once was….Part of my expensive and vast wealth of information comes from a great book  by some guy named Herschell, that I bought at a yard sale……..the title is “Stuff That Happened “. This particular volume covers the period from 1100 AD to 1720 AD………


Its over 20 pages long…..and covers most of it as well as it needs to be.


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