The Association For Mathematical Accuracy and Number Checking writes in today…Dear Hugh: Yesterday you stated categorically that a hundred multiplied by zero is “WAY MORE THAN” ten multiplied by zero….Can you substantiate this claim? and , if not, will you retract and rescind this outrageous act of malfeasance?


From Hugh


Howdy association………….Good to hear from ya’ll up there at MIT.  Its been a while since yall piped up whining about some new discovery of mine.


Yes…….I most certainly can substantiate this claim…..just as soon as my wife gets back with the car that has my paper sack that I did the calculations on. I did the ciphering on this formulaic conclusionarianism on the back of a paper sack full of canned asparagus tips that were on sale at Kroger.


As I recall, the formula went something like this. Ten times zero will give you this……..0000000000. One hundred times zero will give you this.



If you cant see that there is MORE in the second bunch………I’ve got several other issues we’ll need to work through.


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