Ingrid Lellerly from Scrunch Mississippi writes Dear Hugh: I’ve been watching Wheel of Fortune….. and I’d like to buy a vowel. Do you have any for sale?


From Hugh


Howdy Ingrid…………..Actually I don’t have any vowels for sale write now. However I do know an old farmer friend of mine who has Two “E”s …two ” I”s  and an “O”……….He was using em in a song that ended with  E ….  I…..  E….. I….. O.  But the song was pulled from the radio rotation last week due to lack of interest. So the ” E”s and “I”s are freed up to bee used elsewhere……or sold at auction.


Mr. McDonald is wanting 400 bucks for the “E”s and  250 for the pair of “I”s…………………..The “O” he has decided to will to his third cousin Elmo.


Contact him at 4845756362838495060694894837372637485


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