Elliie Lou Yankovich from St. Paul Minnesota writes….Dear Hugh…I heard you are a musician who can’t sing real good..but you sing anyway . My question for you is this; How HIGH CAN YOU SING?



Well……..Let me think……I once sang on top of a barn. That would have been roughly thirty feet high…….No WAIT!!…….I SANG ON TOP OF PIKE’S PEAK IN COLORADO….!!!!! That’s really really high………
If I get higher than that….I’m so scared that I just don’t feel like singing..


Singing in a high place is really no difernt than sangin in a low place….’cept for the fact that the air is thinner when you gets way up thar…..It makes it even more important to sing from the diagrahm like the voice teachers say.

Why do sangers sometimes seem to look as if they appear to be IN PHYSICAL PAIN?//////What is the deal with that…?

Yes Im putting extra pitchers today…because there werent narry a one on the post yesterday.

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