Ingrid Wrampler from Dubai Dubai writes in this brilliant question today and wisely starts her query with two important words….”Dear Hugh”: When surveys are done of DENTISTS…..The usual result is that “9 OUT OF 10 of them” reccccommmend the product to their patients…..What is wrong with the “tenth” dentist?….Whom is they?…and Whyyyyyyyyy can’t they just “get with the program” and stop being a “stick in the mud”….?


From Hugh


Howdy Ingrid…..WOWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! this is indeed an important question……………And you have come to the write place.


The culprit is “Big Sal” Skittleman. This woman has been surveyed more times than any other dentist on earth, AND IS ALWAYS opposed to whatever it is. It don’t make no nevermind what the issue or product is…..She’s against it.


I’ve done some research into what ole Sal’s problem is. It turns out shes got a chronic itch and fungus on her left big toe. Ooooooooooo how it irritates her……and she’s just downright hard to deal with……Sometimes she pulls perfectly good teeth from random patients..Just because she can….


and then she votes “NO” on every survey that comes out.


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