Clunky Rambler from Parts Unknown writes dear Hugh…..I am kneading some help changing out the air in my tires this evening and tonight. Also I will need several men to help me move an old dog house over a few inches in my back yard …because it is getting in the way of my horseshoe pit. What time this evening would be best for you to call in the guys and get some help….It shouldnt take over three hours or so….? .


From Hughy

Well Clunky…………I know how important this must be…after all the frustration with the dog house….(and as much time as you have SPENT IN IT)….

I must unfortunatley imformerize you that all my fiends are going to be watching a big baseball game between LSHugh and  the Alabamer Crimson Tied……….


There is much hype and rattling on about this contest….PLUS no one nose whom will emerge victorious….or win it. Good luck on the moving project.


Why knot just tie your Gremlin to it and drag it across the yard with the old car….? You no that ole Green Gremlin doesnt get used as much as it needs to…….

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