Mildred Wampler from Littleswatte Alabama writes dear Hughy: I personally was offended by your aspersions that you so wrongfully cast upon the brave and heroic breed ..THE BASSETT Hound in yesterdays lackluster post on your blog…… I think your estimation of their ground speed was innacurate and you owe us all an apology…(along with the 10 bucks you owe me personally for getting your thumbnails trimmed at my shoeshine stand)…..What do you plan to do about it?,,, .


From Hughy;


…Well Mildred….I have thought it over and ……………… are correct…..My estimate of the Bassett Hounds speed was off…….


IT WAS TOO HIGH…….No Bassett Hound moves over 2 miles per hour and everybody nose it……I was just trying to be nice. Thank you sew mulch for pointing out my discrepancerization. ….

I mussed bee mower careful wif what eye putt own hear.


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