Wurthington Shelby Leatherume III from Bugtussle Tennesse writes dear Hugh: I have a conundrum on my hands that is frightening……..I need to call you personally.,,…and NOW!…What is your number?.. .

From Hughy:


First of all , Nobody with a name like you’ve got is from Bugtussle Tennessee.


Secondly, a CONUNDRUM WON’T HURT You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kept one as a pet for over three years.


Most Conundrums are relatively tame and docile (when given plenty of room in their cage.) The female Conundrum is the more aggressive of the species and more likely to bite your hand. Can you tell if its a male or female….?.


Incidentally, Conundrums are indigenous to all fifty states and Puerto Rico. ,,,,but thrive in the wild mostly in Urban areas where there are lots of people running around….


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