Gizzelle Yunderly from Sherfield Alabama writes in a very meaningful and moving note ….Dear Hughy: Me and Edna Snurlman and the rest of us here at “Busy Bertha’s Bunko Bunch”…All stopped in our tracks to read yesterdays brilliant expose’ that you posted. We all think you are the “cat’s pajamas” ” …and would lke to invite you to speak at our next Squash Cookoff and Discount Oil Change Extravaganza. it will be in March..and you can get any viscosity of oil that you need for your car…at half price…Will you join us and share more of your keen insights into things that no one cares about….? .


From Hughy


Well ladies………….I would like to join you but I am scheduled that month to speak to the International Consortium on How it was determined as to where the equator is…….(Especially out in the middle of the ocean)


I’m giving a series of speeches on Latithughds and Longithughds…..and other geographometric anomalies. Why don’t ya’ll just join us??????????????


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