Today I got an email from someone who wanted to remain unanimous…..Fredler Muldorph in Falgswich Netherlands………Fred says simply this. Dear Hugh: I recently bought some aspirin over the counter. But I did not use it only as directed. I actually used one as a bookmark cause I couldnt find nothing else right that minute. I feel so guilty about what I’ve done. and I want to keep my identity secret and remain unaminous. Can i trust you?


From Hughy


Howdy Fred: Of course you can trust me Mr. Muldorph. All the communications that I receive that I from the upper east side of Falgwich are automatically kept secret…..since so many clandestine operations emanate from there..


I will say this , however,……………………….The whole scenario you have described is a difficult pill for me to swallow. Let’s turn the page on this whole thing…Close the book on it , so to speak. What you have done hear is far far worse than anything I wood have ever expectorated from the likes of your ilk.


Straighten up.


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