Motley Trudeaux from Ept Tennessee writes in today referencing yesterday’s insightful H.A.S. posting. Dear Hugh: What causes me to feel a need to take aspirin? ….and what is the most frequent cause of basic, simple, body aches and pains….?

From Hugh.


Thank you so much for this opporthughnity to illucidate the unwashed throngs with the radiant beams of medicinal knowledge. We hear as H.A.S. are mower than glad to help.


The definitive answer to both of your inquiries is simply this……….SOMETIMES YOUR BODY IS SIMPLY LOW ON ASPIRIN. ……..


In a healthy human body,…Aspirin is produced in the Adjunct Matriculatoratory Gland (AMG) at the rate of roughly 1.2 gbt’s per second…From time to time, various and sundry factors confibulate the productory adules and present in a manner that adriptifies the gamulin. While this is generally misunderstood….It is still clear. And is what I said it is.


So basically, If you eat foods that are rich in aspirin and other nutrients that facilitate aspirin production in the AMG you will be fine. Otherwise you will have to purchase a bottle full of Acetycilic Acid Tablets…………..Simply ask for Aspirin. That will be close enough.

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