Millicent Rundle from under a canvas awning in front of a boutique that is behind the First National Bank of Peoria which is located just north of the City Haul …..Writes dear Hugh: How many pitchers of a grandbaby can a grandpaw post to his FARCEBOOK wall within a month?…..without violating the NATIONAL GRANBABY PITCHER POSTING RULE ?


From Hughy


Hi. Up till recently,…this has been a nebulous area of uncertainty. And a source of not knowing for mmany confused grand parents..


I will clear the air on this issue NOW. ………..It is very simple. ANYONE WHOM POSTS MORE PITCHERS OF THEIR GRAND BABY Than I DO……Is posting too many. They are in violation of this clearly defined ruling. Let there be no mower confusion in this regard.


Someone had to come along and set a reasonable standard in this crucial area of societal intralection. SInce, apparently, know won else was willing too do it…..I am willing to step into the breech.


It’s just part of what we do hear at Hugh’s Answering Service.


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