The Little old Woman Whom Lives in a Shoe writes from Sole Argentina: dear Hughy…”In stark contrast to your usual drivel, Do you have any worthwhile practical advice for me”? .

From Hugh


Howdy Little……..First of all I understand that, if you don’t stop your morning muffin habit, (rumor has it that you consume 12 EVERY MORNING!!!!!!) there is some question as to weather or knot you are going to be able to maintain the status of “Little” ole lady…….


Now…..I am also hearing that the Tongue of your shoe is DEPRESSED. I am assuming this is due to the fact that you are manufacturing and storing thousands of deluxe  GOLD ENGRAVED TONGUE DEPRESSORS for wealthy dental patience.


 I hear that you are STRINGING people along offering occcccaisionall group discounts and other product price adjustments…….

If the footwear fits……..Wear it,  Little.


Also, If I’m being perfectly honest, I think you should also learn to tie your own shoe.


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