The attornee for the Three Little Pigs writes in today needing to get some sound legal advice…..He says Dear (Your Honorship) Hughy Wood you be willing to preside over a trial wherein the SECOND of the three little swine …is suing the Ist of the three…..on behalf of the third…..for damages sustained in the legendary “huffing-and-puffing-collapsing-house-incident”????????


From ole Hughy (aka Hughbert)


Howdy Mr. Legal representative…….. Yes…..i would be willing to preside over this historic scenario…….And I will do so with a fair mind.  I will be going to the FAIR the day before…….Since this is a State Trial…..I will go to the State Fair…….just to make sure…..




Though I will certainly have no preconceptions……, I think the Swine are all guilty. All bovines that are hauled into court are guilty of  making pigs of themselves. And as such, should be with dealt. ( I couldnt end on a preposition…..My mommy might see it ::: she gradjiated colege)

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