Radcliff Thurgood Weatherly III…..from a cabin in East Tennessee writes dear Hughy: I have heard that you are a mathmatecalistic whiz-type…along with being suave and slophlisticated and all………I have a question…”What is the Pythagorean Theorum”….? and WHOM was Pythagorus?


From Hugh


Howdy Rad………Your knot foolin me. Nobody with a name like Radcliff  Thurgood Weatherly III lives in a cabin in east Tennessee.


NOW…………Pythagorus was the second daughter of a guy named Edwin………back in 1934 in Peoria Illinoise.  She was always concocting some theroid , or postulization, or rambling diatribe about something in order to get out of cooking for her family while her mommy was sick and her daddy was gone afishin.


By sheer chance one day she came up with a formhughla that became famous….so it was named after her…….Although, to this day, no one knows what it’s for or about…….or any practical applicationalizationarianism of it……


Some mathemeticians use the term frequently in a feebl attempt to impress there cawlleeegs.


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