Famotidin A. Cetycilic from Compounde’ Italy writes dear Hugh: I passed a drug store today that had a sign out front saying…”WE HAVE Resverperatatrine HCL”!!!!!!…….I thought it was nice of them to let folks know they are sick….so we wont catch it… I had Resverperatatrine HCL when i was eight years old and was very sick …..As I recall “RES” as we called it, was perty contagious…..but I thought it had ben eradicaterized by shots and stuff….Why knot….? .

From Hughy…;


Howdy Famotidin………….Yes…It was quite considerate of them to post that on the sign to keep you from coming in and catching it…….As you know, Resverperatatrine HCL is a tough mucous-inducing biotribleen virutide…..often masquerading as gout or dephlibineeblia. Contraindications include various indications that are contrary to what they were before…and you MUST use them only as directed.,…(if you use them at all.)


I any case, you certainly don’t want to catch it…….SO..STAY OUT OF THAT DRUGSTORE …until they take the notice down and give the ALL CLEAR.


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