Earline Quigley……from Down under….Writes Dear Hugh: Yesterday I was so utterly impressed by your erudite and suave approach to the man who wanted to buy a used mop…..I can’t tell you how much we appreciate you being there for the massess who seek guidance and insight into everyday dilemmas such as this…..Just knowing you are out there somewhere ready to help (without regard for your personal safety)….Constantly vigilant with regard to obscure trends in stuff that nobody cares about….We here in Austria appreciate it sew much!!!!!!!!!!


From Hughy


Hi Earline….DOWN UNDER!!!!!!!!!!!….Its good to hear from Austria…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………Ya’ll are a mighty big island. Do you ever feel surrounded…?


Your gratitude touches me deeply…….I think I feel it somewhere in or around my gall bladder…..(Though its hard for me to say with any degree of certitude due to my marginal understanding of internal anatalmy)……..


Think nothing of it Erma……I pay close attention to stuff that doesnt matter….as a public service. Dont thank me. It only makes me feel inadequate and ulblandian.


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